Taboo: The Mystic Sacred Sex Picnic of Wonders

Featuring Stefanie O’Connor, Seani Love, Bear Philips, Ananda Angelo, Sanya Alaya, Mx Gili and many more

Come and join us on this joyous ride of all things dark and sexy. This is a space to bring forward and celebrate all that society tells you just isn’t right about your sexuality.

The themes of The Mystic Picnic are Shadow work, Kink, Darkness but especially bringing our joyous sparkly wonders into these places.

We are interested in ritual, transformation, personal growth, catharsis and insights.

Our diverse facilitators will offer a variety of creative and engaging experiences to give you the opportunity to meet, express and empower your sweetest taboos.

Our events will range from beginner friendly to more advanced, and from light and playful to dark, deep and profound. We will have an experienced team to help ensure you stay as safe as possible while dropping in as deeply as you want to.
What part of you is begging to be expressed and met in community? Do you feel a burst of excitement as you read this?
This is the space for those parts to come out, to be loved and to play together. A safe space of permission, all of you is welcome here.

Dates: June 6th to 9th, 2024.
Location: Berlin, Germany

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