3 Circles is a ceremony of self-pleasure is an open invitation to explore your body, your choices and your unique sexual expression in a welcoming ritual of intimacy in the community.

It is an opportunity to witness and to be witnessed, to transform shame into celebration and to join an erotic collective of pleasure activists.

Participation in this ritual can be illuminating, empowering, challenging, revealing, freeing, energising, nurturing, normalising, affirming and honouring! There is optional nudity and optional self-touch without talking, distraction or touch with others.

We have a clear hygiene and consent protocol which involves no touch between participants. The ceremony is a celebration of mindful pleasure practice / soloving in a communal context.

Each of the 3 concentric circles welcome 3 ways to participate:

The outer Witnessing Circle sets the seated physical boundary of our ceremonial space and is where we meditate, connect our eyes to our hearts, witness with a soft gaze, and integrate the multiple sensory inputs.

The Awakening Circle, one step in, is where we set up our self-pleasure station and can explore self-touch, movement and breath, receiving inspiration from the collective and circulating arousal in our bodies.

The Celebrating Circle in the middle invites joyous movement, playfulness, ecstasy, aliveness and glowing solo eroticism.


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