Only when we feel safe can we allow our desires to be truly free!

Do the words Consent, Negotiation and Boundaries leave you feeling perplexed? Or do you ever struggle to express your boundaries? To have them heard and honoured?

Consent can feel like a minefield, with risks in how we hear and respond to each other.

In this trauma-informed workshop we’ll look at three levels of consent: Verbal (language), Non-verbal (body-language), and even touch on Energetic levels of communication (also known as Emotional Attunement).

We’ll explore how we communicate our boundaries, how we sometimes lose sight of each other’s – and what we can do to look after our own.

An experiential workshop with exercises focussed on connecting to ourselves and our bodies.

Open to all, irrespective of gender or orientation. Bring yourselves and an open, curious mind!


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