Welcome. Here are the keys to the Kingdom.

This is a Self Pleasure practice where you will find that you can not only befriend but also make love to your deepest pain. That shame, rage, grief, loss, failure and rejection can be met with total love and acceptance on this journey of Shadow Integration.

Feel what it is to get turned on by your despair. Get fuked by your rage. Become one with the parts of yourself that you most push away.

In this experience we first use a number of tools to meet, embody and dialogue with these parts. We’ll then move back and forth between them and self pleasure and turn on to build a bridge between the two. You’ll learn through the experience of your body how to use joy and Eros to resource the parts of yourself that you deny and repress, until you can surrender to them so completely that you allow them to penetrate your being.

Have an angergasm, a griefgasm, an abandonmentgasm. If you find it difficult to allow yourself to be truly happy, come and have a blissgasm.

In this way, you will get to experience what it is to move from being controlled by and avoiding your hardest feelings to being in a place of peace, acceptance and appreciation of them.

You can use this powerful and exquisitely joyous resource for the rest of your life on your way to removing all that stands in the way of you and your own full self actualization, wholeness and aliveness!


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