Sanya Alaya is a trauma informed somatic therapist, specialized in holistic wellbeing and sexuality, based in Berlin. 

She transformed her experience of childhood trauma, autoimmune disease, chronic pain and insecurities into fuel to create more love, consciousness and pleasure in her life and the world around her.

Her own healing pathways were Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Chi Nei Tsang, Dearmouring, Breathwork and Meditation and are nowadays woven into all her workshops, retreats, trainings, coachings and 1:1 bodywork sessions.

Her heart mission is to support people to get beyond their childhood traumas and embody their sensuality and self expression, love themselves, unravel conditioning and be fully and unapologetically who they truly are.

She stands for: Embodiment. Empowerment. EMPLEASUREMENT™.

She is trained and certified by the Sexological Bodywork Institute, Erotic School of Mysteries, Creative Consciousness Coaching Academy and currently waiting for her certification in The VITA method by Layla Martin.

Her workshops ‘Sex Magic Ritual to Save the World‘, Conscious Breath Play‘ and ‘Until Death do Us Part‘ will be running at Taboo Festival ’24.

Find out more about her work here:


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