Get ready to embark on an adventure with Kinky Explorer, where Steffi (she/they) and Mike(he/him) invite you to dive into the world of kink and conscious BDSM.

With years of experience, they bring a down-to-earth approach to their workshops, blending expertise with warmth, humor, and authenticity.

They use their personal experiences from years of playing to teach only what they have tried and tested themselves. They believe that kink is more than just tools—it’s about connection, communication, and mutual respect.

The core subject in all their workshops is the co-creation of scenes that are equally fulfilling for both tops and bottoms, ensuring that everyone feels empowered to explore their desires and limits at their own pace and choice.

As a team, Steffi and Mike are dedicated to guiding and supporting their participants to navigate the complexities of BDSM with more clarity and empathy.

With Kinky Explorer, Steffi and Mike aim to establish a community of like-minded adventurers, offering a place to learn, grow, and connect together.

So come join us, and let’s explore together!

Steffi and Mike will be presenting ‘Playing with Fire‘ and ‘Sadistic Desires‘ at Taboo Festival 2024.

You can find out more about Steffi and Mike’s work here:

Instagram: @kinky_explorer


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