Anir creates ritualistic spaces that support groups and individuals to journey to intricate inner places that are asking for evolution. She works as a certified VITA Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, a facilitator of Conscious Events and as a Ritualist.

Once these subconscious patterns and abandoned parts are found and touched upon with tenderness and care, the play begins: It’s time to gradually feel, express, move and breathe life into that which has been hidden and forgotten.

Time to give some air to the conditioned parts that have been shamed, the fears, pains, anger, grief… yet also the joy and the love that wasn’t expressed and that in its den produces so much unease and contraction that a big piece of aliveness was lost along the way.

Anir’s passion is to support the opening inside of the body-mind that allows the wounds to heal, the aliveness to be felt and come back, and all the goodness that this reality has to offer to enter into the newly expanded field of the Nervous System.

As a trained dancer and improviser she also teaches movement and Contact Improvisation (which has taught her more about relationships and connection than anything). She currently is recording her long awaited first album as a singer.

Her workshops: “Love & Grief” and ‘Freedom Through Limitation’ will be running at Taboo Festival ‘24 

You can find out more about Anir’s work here:

Instagram: @agilearts


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