Maya Magdalena & Roni Averashi – life partners sharing passion for truth, transformation and giving it all.

A Polish and an Israeli – both left their countries at an early age to seek answers & freedom and have been on the path since then – exploring both light & dark, spirituality & sexuality and everything in between, learning everyday what it means to LOVE and be HUMAN.

Maya Magdalena has studied at various modern days mystery schools, dedicated to Soul initiation, cosmology and deep feminine mysteries. Her unique approach blends trauma-informed modalities with initiatory, transformational fire. She is passionate about breaking taboos, intelligence of the body and ecstatic human nature.

Roni Averashi is a certified somatic therapist, dedicated to men´s work, conscious relating and the path of living an authentic and transparent life. A father of two, loves seeing people expressing vulnerabilities, hearts melting and shields falling down. 

They co-lead a non-profit “CumWhatMay” –  an inclusive community rewriting the narrative around sex and providing destigmatizing spaces. 

Their workshop ‘Cum What May’ will be running at Taboo festival 2024.


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