All of Dorte’s work is aimed at awakening your curiosity and creativity and this workshop will be a detailed exploration of the face and its sensual potential in BDSM play.

The face is the locus of many of our senses, and playing with the engagement and restriction of these senses can be profound in a scene involving consensual power exchange.

In this workshop the Theatre of the Mind – as BDSM by some is called- will be working its magick right in your face!

Dorte is a sex educator, psychotherapist specializing in BDSM and non-monogamous relationships, a stage and costume designer, and an artist. She has also worked as a sexuality consultant for theatre companies and film productions. As of spring 2024, she is part of the founding group for House of Play, a new space for conscious and alternative sexuality in Copenhagen.

Her workshop “Magical Face BDSM”  will be running at Taboo Festival ‘24.


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