Ms Psyche is a professional kinkster, creative and writer / performer. 

She has run and facilitated workshops in many different contexts, but this will be her first foray into running one in the world of kink.  

In her capacity as a professional dominatrix, she manages several play spaces, one of which is the London Sissy School, a gender queer space where anyone (although they mainly tend to be of a biologically male persuasion) can seek Mistress’ expert tuition in expressing what tends to be an overtly sexual, submissive version of their ‘feminine self’. 

Mistress coaches them to express this aspect in a meaningful, often cathartic and most importantly hot way. 

Ms Psyche has long had a personal fascination with the construct of gender and a lifetimes experience of breaking its conventions and finding new ways reimagine them. 

Ms Psyche’s passion for gender play stems from her passion for life. She is always on a quest to find new, exciting and fun ways to enjoy the experience of being human. 

In the past gender roles have often restricted us in our human experience but today, approached consciously and intelligently, they can be used as a medium to help set us free. 

Ms Psyche is genuinely fascinated by alternative sexual practices and often uses(and innovates) many in her personal and professional life. One of these practices is (consensual) erotic hypnosis.

She is as happy as she is excited that she has been invited to run a laboratory experiment, cum workshop on the subject. Her workshops “Gender Play as Shadow Work and Personal Development and “Hypno Role Play and Conscious Gender Kink’ will be running at Taboo Festival ‘24

You can find out more about Mistress Psyche’s work here:

X (Twitter): @DominaPsyche


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