Dr. Diva is a player, creator, performer and international presenter of retreats such as Schwelle Vienna and Xplore, as well as workshops such as “Dirty Talk”, “Changing Reality”, “Bliss” and many more.

With many years of experience they are also a sex educator and relationship-coach for couples and individuals.

For Dr. Diva it’s all about connection, because if you really see the other, if you are truly meant by the other – a quantum leap will happen with your desire, lust and love. This is so much greater than the perfect ass or the most beautiful eyes. It moves beyond a common moment, to a magical dance, be it only for one night, which leads to intimacy (into me I see).

Dr. Diva believes that vulnerability, connection and consent change your life, and the way you see the world. Fascinated by the huge, hidden potential within us, Dr. Diva seeks ways to set it free.

Their approach is playful, with lightness, humour, empathy and love. Love for self and others, with all their facets.

“I have got a thousand faces, and all of them are true.“ (Henry Miller)

His workshops Upgrade your Senses” and “Shame” will be running at Taboo Festival ‘24

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