Claire is a dating and relationship coach, keynote speaker, writer, radio star and soon to be author. She is a divorced, single mum (with 3 teenagers), having left her ex husband in 2021 after 21 years…

She coaches men on relationships, sex and business, yep – they are all deeply interconnected.  She teaches men how to connect with women, create true intimacy and the fulfilment they desire in their relationship or dating experiences. 

Claire’s work goes deep, waking men up to who they truly are, connecting them to their true essence and hearts. She supports them in learning to get out of their heads and f*cking logic so they can adopt unshakeable trust. 

This supports them in creating a life on their terms, letting go of everything that they were taught to believe and discovering their truth.

Recently she has completed her book about her journey post divorce, all about owning her sexuality, the current working title is “un-f*cking-leashed”.

The book essentially defies everything we’ve ever been taught by society and deconstructs generational bullsh*t.  She is deeply passionate about modelling freedom and truly embodies this in how she leads her life.

When she is not coaching you can find her singing, dancing, wild swimming, at crossfit, hanging out with her teenagers and travelling the world.

Claire will be running ‘Unfuckingleashed – An Opportunity to Unshackle’ and ‘Pussy Power, for Pussy Owners’ at Taboo Festival ’24.

You can find out more about Claire’s work here:

Facebook: Claire Doré

Instagram: @thewildwomanceo

TikTok: @thewildwomanceo


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