Kirstine is a certified sexological bodyworker, somatic coach, and energy worker. They support marginalised folk of all genders to slow down and connect to the unique stories held in their bodies, in order to heal and release what no longer serves. 

Kirstine is multiple neurodivergent person with chronic illness and brings their lived experience of disability to their work. They enjoy teaching others about conscious touch and both sensory and energetic play. Their 1:1 clients include those who identify as Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diverse (GSRD), highly sensitive people and neurodivergent folk. Kirstine also works with practitioners who support these demographics.

Join Kirstine at Taboofest workshops exploring what it might be like to navigate sex when you are less able, and discover how your energy genitals wish to be seen!

Kirstine will be running “Energy Genitals and Sex for the Less Able’” at Taboo Festival ’24

You can find out more about Kirstine’s work here:

Instagram: @kirstine_weaver

Facebook: Kirstine Weaver: Body Led Alchemy


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