Stefanie, Co-Founder of Taboo Festival, has been attracted to the world of tantra, sacred and conscious sexuality like a moth to a flame since she had her first genuine experiences of its power and beauty in 2019.

It is her work, her play, her passion and her community.

She has studied and worked with ISTA for a number of years and is a VITA certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach. She also shares her gifts in Dakini sessions and in group sex and body positive events wherever she may be in the world.

She is on a soul mission to show people the truth of who and what they are, and with that her work is very much about freeing people from the delusion of the shame that binds them and moving instead towards being fully and proudly sexually expressed humans in all of their shapes and colors.

For her, this festival is about empowerment. It is an invitation to evolve into the highest and best version of yourself. She wants you to take this opportunity to express yourself in all of your authenticity.

Step into your power and shine!

Her workshops ‘Sex Magic Ritual to Save the World‘, ‘Making Love to the Shadow‘ and ‘Temple of God‘ will be running at Taboo Festival ‘24

You can find out more about Stefanie’s work here:

Facebook: Stefanie O’Connor


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