Having first been introduced to Tantra over 14 years ago in the OSHO International Resort, Pune, India, since then Steve Shiva continues to be drawn to its power of transformation and healing.

For him, its honoring of the divine feminine, and its alchemical power of transgressing the traditional by living the totality of all levels of ourselves makes Tantra the only path that allows us to new experience the truth of who we are – powerful, human, divine, love, dark and light all at once.

The essence of his work is always the same – cultivating and curating a relational space which empowers everyone to live totally, playfully and most important of all, authentically. He believes that our world can transform through connecting to and embodying the truth – that we are infinitely powerful, and the divine feminine and divine masculine in one.

Be notorious. Be real. Come alive.

His workshop ‘Notorious Love – The Holy Trinity‘ will be running at Taboo Festival ‘24

You can find out more about Shiva’s work here:


Instagram: steve.shiva.notorioushearts

Facebook: Notorious Hearts

Youtube: Man-In Retreats and Workshops

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/steveshiva.notorioushearts


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